F.A.Q. Answers

If you don't find the answer you need please email us! We are always looking for ways to help you!

What is the purpose of Soberplaces? Soberplaces isn't really a meeting list as much as it's an app that allows us to list meetings and share them with others. You can find meeting lists everywhere. Sadly, they're mostly inaccurate and unmaintained. Intergroups report their lists to be as high as 20% inaccurate. Soberplaces purpose is to fix that problem. Everyone can help fix it together. It's a "Group" (referred to as groupware) app that is designed to allow each one of us to maintain a meeting or two, you know, our homegroups for example, though you can do more. There's no limits. (Intergroups can easily do their whole region if they want! Hint Hint!) We can send updates, changes or cancelations by just clicking a few buttons to ensure the meeting info is accurate and we can help others travelling thru our area to find good meeting info. Basically Soberplaces lets us help others and ourselves. This is the first "living" meeting list. We've already grown from 0 to 43,000 + meetings. Thank you for joining us. Add your homegroup now! You just might save a life!
Is SoberPlaces Anonymous? Yes, absolutely. We never need to know who you are. The sole purpose of Soberplaces is to help you and others easily find meetings. You do need to create an account on the app but this just requires an email and password. This information is used only so that you can use some of the extra features like the ability to share info with your friends and contacts. We do not track this usage. We do not participate in your sharing. It's an option feature with no strings attached.
Why do you charge to use this app? It's not for the money. I'm not even covering the costs, most I pay out of my pocket, but it does help. Simply stated I can't provide this service without your help. There are many costs associated with maintaining the servers, infrastructure, the app code itself and others that I just can't cover indefinately. The small cost of the app helps to ensure the project can continue. I believe together we can create a meeting application that matters. Thank you for helping!
Why don't I see any meetings? There are couple possibilities. Your location services are not enabled, or your area isn't completed. As stated in the app store description we are just starting in some areas. You might even be the first in your area. If so your help is crucial. Please help us help others! I suggest each of you before you do anthing else press the "Add" button and add your regular meetings. Even if you don't want to do anything more, do that! Primarily it will make sure you're app is working. If you can see the meetings you add then it means we just need to add more in your area. Often it's just a matter of importing them from Intergroups that support such projects. It will also show us what area you need so we can focus on it for you. Often it's a quick process, sometimes the data isn't so easy to gather and we have to do it manually, either way we'll cross that bridge together. Just remember every meeting you put in helps someone else also! Helping people is the goal.
Can I add meetings for my area if they're not currently in the app? Yes- and we offer a few ways. If you want to add one or two meetings to the app this simple guide will help. It's Easy! This is for meetings that are not yet in the app. If you just want to send us an update or correction please click here. And, If you want to add a list of meetings or your entire area please read "How to creat your meeting list."