- Find AA Meetings Online 12 Step Meetings

M - Men's Meeting
W - Women's Meeting
O - Open Meeting
C - Closed
DS - Discussion Meeting
S - Study
P - Panel
CCP - Child Care Provided
NC - No Children
HA Handicap Accessible
NS - Non-Smoking
FF - Floating Format (also VAR)
I - Interpreter for the Deaf
Info - Check Info.
PP - Primary Purpose

Get the app!

The SoberPlaces Mobile Meetins App is almost ready! You'll be able to find it on the iStore and Google Play in a very short time!

Apple Devices

Visit the Apple iStore, or click App Store icon on your Apple device and search for Sober Places.

Android Devices

Visit the Googple Play store here, or click the Googleplay icon and search for Sober Places!


Coming Soon! We are working on an online verions of the app also. Stay Tuned for updates!

Sober Places F.A.Q. Help & Support

Here is a list of helpful links to both use and support the SoberPlaces Mobile App! If you have other questions please send us a note!


If you have any questions or feedback please let us know!

Add a New Meeting

At the bottom of the main screen, find "Add" on the menu!

That's it. Once we receive the information will will review and verify the meeting. It can take up 24 hours for the process to be completed. You will receive an email letting you know when the meeting has been added. If you need to update any information for this meeting or any other meetings please check out this guide on submitting updates.

Updating a Meeting

There's nothing worse then driving to a meeting and finding out it's no longer there, it's closed, or moved, or changed the schedule,! Right? Let us know so we can let everyone else know. To update a meeting you must first find the meeting; either in the listing on the main screen or most likely by using the search feature. If you don't know how to search check out this quick tutorial! Once you have the meeting you want need to update in the list view, not the map view, but the list view, touch it; as shown below.

Want to get involved? Want to help?

Good, we need your help! - Every day I get requests to add the meetings from whole cities, states, heck sometimes even small countries. We are trying to do all we can but without your help we just can't get them all done. If you want to help there are several options.

1. Add your homegroup - this is the easiest way to help. Click Add in the app and fill out the form. Or just send updates if you see something that doesn't match up. You can find instructions here for Add a New Meeting or Updating an Existing Meeting.

2. Donate some data entry time! Do you have time to do some data entry? It's not that hard. All you need is a computer with an Office application and the ability to type. Any little bit will help someone. If you have time and want to help send me a note at and I'll get you started.

3. Donate towards cost for data entry. We take donations that are used towards paying for data entry. We often outsource data entry based on financial availability. This app does not generate any income or profit. It's been built and maintained strictly off donations. Your donations would be used effectively and appreciated. You can easily make donations online using paypal by sending any amount to If you're not able to use paypal but would still like to make donations just send me an email and we can work it out.

Also, if you already have an electronic meeting list and just want to include it we will accept just about any database ready, importable data file. JSON, CVS, EXCEL, you name it. If you have one email it to If you want to create one I recommend using Excel or Open-Office which over works and then download this template. It will guide you towards getting the info you. Just fill out the meeting info and email it back to us at